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2017 is on the horizon, so I thought I’d talk a little about what I’ve got planned for it. I’m not one for New Years’ Resolutions so much as a set of projects and goals I will attempt to get completed. Typically I manage to get at least half the list done, so anybody want to start a pool on which projects actually make it? Here we go:


I am currently slated to appear at two conventions: MAGFest and Katsucon. I am hoping for a return appearance at Anime Mid-Atlantic. I have been getting some pressure to do some local (North Carolina) conventions, so I will be looking into scheduling a few. Of course, I’m receptive to other states if anybody wants to see me in your neck of the woods. If you represent a convention, or would like me to reach out to a specific convention, let me know.


RocKaiju is slated for a mid-January release. My publisher, Caffeine & Ink, is looking to release another book this fall but we haven’t selected it yet (I have a passel ready to go). There was talk about C&I re-releasing my flagship novel series, Crossworld, but that unfortunately fell to the wayside. Those books remain ready, however, and will see release…eventually.

Additionally, I am looking to publish some additional books outside of C&I. I would like to release a short story anthology of the short stories published here in TeachTheSky. I fancy making this a regular thing, and then rotating off stories that have seen publication or offering additional stories/features for the print version.

Short Stories:

More short stories are on the way. I plan to stay to releasing monthly for now, with a new story going live the first Friday of every month. I plan to continue the tale of Chip Masters’ mysterious adventures with Kageryu, while sprinkling in a few Rhest stories. Robots will continue, but I’m having a hard time gauging just how far that story will go. There will be random, stand-alone stories as well.


I want the serials to make a comeback. I enjoyed that story-telling style a great deal and want to resume daily releases. The trouble with this two-fold.

One, I require a serious backlog of episodes. It doesn’t take too much for life to get in the way and then all of a sudden, there’s no update. No update so I have to rush to write something. Real fast, producing the serial becomes the focus of my writing which can be problematic.

Two, I’m still figuring out how to best release material. Some of the delays on here are the result of my attempting to flex my programming/publishing muscles and failing abysmally. That requires I go back to tried and true but less efficient (or at least, less ambitious) methods. Releasing the serials in PDF-formats isn’t viable so I need to explore other methods that are simple enough for an idiot (IE me) to set-up but easy for beautiful, charming, talented people (IE my readers) to use.

As for what serials, that also remains to be seen. I want my original stories to be online. I want Neo-Romance, Deadman, Maidens of Steel, and so many others, to return. I’ve toyed with them being reformatted as novels or some other manner and nothing has really stuck. Potentially I could just flat-out re-release them, but this is problematic because some have really, really dated. Neo-Romance, for example, hinged on a B-story of a video game whose production and success would be simply unrealistic today. It seems cheap – lazy, even – to post the story as-is with a disclaimer of ‘sorry, this story was written when video game music wasn’t appreciated’. So that remains to be seen.


I aspire to write more essays and even articles, but it isn’t a priority. I want to take some of what I talk about at the conventions and bring it onto this site, but doing so is time-consuming and very tricky. Hardly impossible, though.

Outside of writing on here, I am looking to expand my contributions to new websites. I’ve been delighted that Btchflicks has run so many of my essays and I want to contribute still more, but I want to write for other periodicals too. Just not at the expense of my fiction-writing.

Special Projects:

I’ve got a plethora of ideas that I want to work on. Or rather, I want to hire other people to work on. I tried making a video game and that was going okay until the whole project collapsed under the weight of making every last pixel. I don’t enjoy programming, so I abandoned it pretty quickly. But the concept for the game remains. I actually have several game concepts, as well as thoughts on role-playing games, comics, even a few TV series.

Special Projects are a lot of fun, but they’re very time-consuming. Not just to get off the ground, but to keep going. Ask any project manager and they’ll tell you that even the best productions are a house of cards, ready to collapse without warning. I’ve no desire to invest so much time in such a thing when I could just as easily spend it playing video games and writing another book. So instead, I keep an eye out for opportunities to work with people who want to do this kind of work, but need a project that’s ready to go. So I keep those pitches in my back pocket, ready at a moment’s notice.

Still, I hope that this year, you’ll see something. A platformer set in the universe of Red Moon Rising. A Crossworld card game. Who knows? I’ve selected nothing, but I have projects ready to be handed off to a reliable party who says ‘I want to make a TV show but I need an absolutely rock-solid idea’.

Just gotta meet that person.
So yeah. There you have it. That’s the status of everything happening here. Again, if you want to see me at a convention (or ask that I reach out to a convention), shoot me an email. Keep an eye out for RocKaiju and then future books. And, when in doubt, feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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