Blog 2016

The Trick

Two movie quotes I contemplate often are “You’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view” (Return of the Jedi) and “On a long enough timeline, the life expectancy for everyone drops to zero” (Fight Club).

There are whole discussions to be had on each of them, never mind both of them.  As an armchair student of philosophy, I’m often curious how philosophies boil down, what they mean at their most elemental, most lucent core.

To paraphrase Doctor Jones, ‘Philosophy is the pursuit of truth’.  If so, I think truth hinges on the picture you’re looking at.  And that picture can change.  Too small a picture and you miss the effects of one’s actions.  Too large a picture and you miss the effects of one’s actions.  The trick then isn’t to find the right picture, but to be able to change your picture.  To zoom in or pan out, as it were.

As a person with Depression, philosophy is how I attempt to combat my apathy and nihilism that results from my brain chemistry.  Reminding myself to see the big picture, or to see the small picture, is invaluable at times.

Give it a try.

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