Blog 2016

Netflix and ZzzZzz

I don’t watch enough TV.

Whether you’re talking about broadcast television like CW or NBC, or cable networks like USA and El Rey, or even streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, I simply don’t watch enough.  There’s so much good TV on right now, and more and more is coming out every week.

I’ve never cared for the disdain TV gets.  Do some people watch too much TV?  No.  No they don’t.  Watching too much TV is akin to reading too many books.  Oh, you can watch too much BAD TV.  That’s easy to do.  There’s a lot of bad TV.  And you can use TV as an unhealthy escape, but that’s the behavior, not the art being consumed.

TV is a glorious medium and through it, amazing works are being produced.  And don’t underestimate the cultural importance of TV.  This is the common language we speak.  The cultural references we use with one another is how a society is formed.  That it comes from the Simpsons or Stranger Things instead of Shakespeare or the Beatles is irrelevant.

Just as I don’t go to the theater enough, or read enough books, or play enough video games, or listen to enough music (listen; not ‘have on in the background as I drive’), I do not watch enough TV.  So much amazing art is being made.

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