Blog 2016

Donation Addicts

I’m fed up with having my conviction challenged by political groups.
                I don’t mean I get tired of an opposing political group challenging my views, preferences, opinions, and whatnot. No, that’s fine. That kind of discourse – assuming it’s done in a constructive and respectful manner – is very good. I don’t mind people challenging my views and I don’t mind justifying my stances from time-to-time. It makes for intelligent conversation and a critical re-evaluation of what one believes in. Nothing should be above evaluation and re-evaluation.
                But I do mind when organizations and movements that I already belong to challenge me. I do mind when organizations that I’ve already donated money to try to pinch me for more money. Being on the Liberal side of the political spectrum, I don’t know if Conservatives experience this, but I’m inclined to assume so. I donate five dollars to a given cause or campaign. I get the follow-up thank you email and asking me to make my donation regular. Sure, no problem. I get that.
                But then, the next day, I get a follow-up email about how the world will collapse, the sky will fall, and it’s ALL MY FAULT unless I donate more money. After just having kicked in some bills the day before. And then the next day, I get more emails. Bear in mind, this is from the same organization. I’m not even getting into the related (sometimes tangentially so) organizations that are asking for a donation. Once I give, they want me to keep giving and they use increasingly ridiculous scare tactics to cement that giving.
                It gets really irritating. It gets exhausting. And it makes me even less inclined to donate money, to any cause. The last thing I want when I donate money is for the cause I just gave to then to turn around and demand, “Give us more. Or else.”

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