Blog 2016


Short story update on Friday!  I’m back to updating fiction on the first Friday of each month.  I’ll maintain it through the end of the year, then around MAGFest, I plan to start adding more.  But first, I want a backlog.

In other news, I’m getting back into drawing again.  I let it slide for years because of time constraints, but I’m finally back to it.  I’m focusing on anatomy, but I’m also trying to learn about line of action.

If you aren’t familiar with line of action, it is (basically) was separates dynamic art from static art, what helps to bring a picture to life.  And I kind of suck at it.  I get it conceptually, but in practice, it eludes me.  So that’s a lot of my free time right there.  That and preparing panels for Anime USA.

Plus, you know, writing.  đź™‚

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