How Is This Still A Thing?

I don’t have HBO, so I don’t watch John Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight, but I have seen clips floating around online.  One segment that recently hit me was about Daylight Savings Time.  One of the many aspects of the modern age that don’t make sense to me, I think the segment was right to be called, ‘How Is This Still A Thing’.

‘Credit’ is another aspect of society that I both loathe and don’t understand.  In a recent (and failed) attempt to buy a house, I watched my credit rating plummet because “too many credit checks were performed within a thirty-day period”.  Having someone check yur credit is grounds for it to be lowered.  That doesn’t make any damn sense.  Once I found a lender to work with, he advised that I address some issues on my credit and I did.  Some outstanding disputes were resolved and removed.  And the three credit bureaus summarily axed my credit score by a quarter because – and I’m quoting here – “there was too much activity”.  Resolving credit issues damaged my credit rating more than skipping out on a mortgage.  Credit isn’t a business; it’s a racket.

As it’s March Madness, the NCAA Tournament is underway.  Rather than vent, I’ll let the fine people at do it for me.  However, I would add that this article only addresses major sports.  As someone who knows and has worked with some Division-I athletes in atypical sports (meaning, everything not basketball or football), I am well aware of the crippling abandonment issues golf teams, rugby teams, fencing teams, volleyball teams, etc, deal with when it comes to their universities and the NCAA.  When teams have to pay the university just to use the university’s mascot (for a university they are attending, affiliated with, and representing!), that underscores what really matters here.  The article also doesn’t address the music departments and the sports medicine departments that often find students and administrators practically held hostage to the football and basketball teams (attending a university with a football program?  Good luck getting that music degree without being in the marching band!).

I think I’ll quit before I get really riled up.

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