MAGFest 2015

MAGFest was a huge success. I want to thank everybody who came by he table and picked up their copy of Rhest for the Wicked. I hope you enjoy! 🙂
Also, I want to thank everyone who came to the panels. Video Game Addiction went very well and I was surprised (delighted!) to discover several researchers who were studying exactly that. I hope the panel was up to snuff. Video Game Fitness was a lot of fun, while Realities of Video Game Violence was a bit of a train wreck, but delightfully so. I hope everybody had a great time watching me scramble as we tried to get the demonstrations to work.

The winner of the weekend seemed to be Video Game Weapons as Characterization. A lot of people stayed behind after that, and came by the table later to talk about the panel. I’ll try to expand on that panel in the future because it’s clear there’s a lot more to say.

All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic time, as all MAGFests are. Thank you to everyone who made it so memorable. And now, I turn my eyes to Katsucon, where I will be contributing as a JCI panelist in just three weeks!

Published by Robert V Aldrich

Author. Speaker. Cancer Researcher. Martial Artist. Illustrator. Cat dad. Nerd.

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