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2014 In Review….eh, better not

Optimism is a prized trait, and for good reason. It is our ability to see good that makes progress possible, and keeps hope alive. Optimism is an admirable trait, to be sure.

Likewise, there seems to be a professional requirement that one be upbeat, cheerful, and even happy. Certainly positive. And again, it’s understandable. Positive ness helps motivate others, to work harder, do more, whatever.

And yet, if I can be real and honest, 2014 was terrible.

Looking back over the whole of 2014, there’s very little that inspires hopes or even cracks a smile. Most of 2014 was a nightmare, marred with the deaths of so many friends and loved ones while at the same time, our confidence and faith in social systems that we rely on took more than a few big hits.

This was a sobering year, where most of the ‘good things’ weren’t so much good as merely a cessation of the bad. When there was a cessation.

About the only thing that gives me any real hope was publishing Rhest for the Wicked. It had been so long since I was in print, it was a real sense of comfort to return to the con scene with a table, with print copies of books to sell. Even publishing the serials here at my site pales in comparison.

So, maybe it’s a little self-centered, but as we go into 2015, I’m focusing on that, my book. The fruits of labor of myself and my publishing house. 2015 doesn’t have to do much to be better than 2014, but I feel like it’s got a lot to do to be a good year. But maybe, at least, that’s a start.

Happy New Year, folks. Here’s to hoping.

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