Blog 2014

A bit of this, a bit of that

Is Amazon the devil?
I can’t tell. I go back and forth on it. On the one hand, they drove my previous publisher out of business. On the other hand, they’ve been great to friends of mine.
They run sweatshops, but they also are just about the only game in town that can compete with The Big Five publishing houses.

As I look to release some small projects this fall (books independent of Haven Publishing), I find myself juggling the Amazon route. I recently worked up my author’s page but have yet to really commit to the whole process. With the projects still in development, it’s all academic at this point. But not indefinitely.

Also, for those of you wondering what happened to Tools of the Imagination, it’s moved! ToI will now be appearing at Inglourious Fiction. The schedule remains the same (new episodes appearing on Wednesdays). This week’s episode will be a bit of a departure and deliberately so, so check it out!

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