Turtle Invasion

Yesterday, I adopted a turtle.

Family friends were in the midst of a move that involved considerably downsizing their living space. They were looking for a new home for their reptilian ward. Going on my nineteenth year as a 15-year-old boy, I eagerly accepted to give the turtle a new home.

Named Rocky, the little turtle now sits in his terrarium for the good of the household. He is, allegedly, quite an ass, though he has yet to bite any of the cats or the dog. He moves faster than non-turtle lovers might think, which was especially amusing when we set him down on the floor.

Upon bringing the critter home, I immediately set him down to explore his new home. The dog, Bella, went bonkers. Tail wagging, she sniffed at the turtle, barked at it, even tapped it with her paws (but only from behind). She’d shoot in to get a sniff before leaping back to a safe distance.

The cats were likewise transfixed. They all kept a safe distance, watching intently as this strange invader unlike anything they’d ever seen shuffled about. When Rocky would turn in their direction, their backs would arch and they’d scamper back. But otherwise, they were mesmerized by this bizarre creature.

Most interestingly, though, is how this has seemingly brought an end to all strife between the furry critters.

For months, the cats have only grudgingly tolerated Bella. They’ll growl should she draw to close, hiss at her as she passes by, and even take a swipe. She has to give them a wide berth, and they her. It was a small accomplishment if they would even lay on opposite ends of the room.

But during last night’s invasion by the reptilian one, all four cats and the dog were side by side, united in their befuddlement of the armored enigma. After Rocky was put into his terrarium (and kept in the bathroom, lest some enterprising cat decided to try and have a turtle snack sometime during the night), the cats and Bella passed very casually amongst each other. The ‘sphere of comfort’ had shrunk to the point that the animals would almost brush against one another without so much as a thought. No hiss was heard and no growls issued.

While I doubt true domestic felicity has been achieved, it is amazing (and amusing) was introducing this turtle has already done for the household. 🙂

Welcome to the family, Rocky.


Published by Robert V Aldrich

Author. Speaker. Cancer Researcher. Martial Artist. Illustrator. Cat dad. Nerd.

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