Blog 2014

Open Forum

The last several weeks, I’ve been working my fingers to the bone (and my brain even more so), trying to get my newest serial, Knights, off the ground (the first episode is available to read for free, and the second episode goes live this Friday). It’s left me with a dearth of readily-available conversation topics for my weekly blog entry. I mean, I could talk about animation, or fitness, or any number of other topics. Why the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is hardly the blasphemous work some claim it to be. Why deadlifts are better than squats. Why slow & steady really does win the race.

I talk about a lot on this blog, but I would be curious to know, what would you like to read? Would you enjoy more entries about the writing process? Or the publishing industry? More anecdotes about conventions, or why the music from 1980s cartoons really is better than music from current cartoons?

Message me. Comment below. Email me. I’d really like to know. 🙂

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