New Episode Is Live!

Hey, gang!  Episode Four of New Phase is live!  Go check it out and see what Shotaro and Miya, and their new friend Eric, are up to as they try to get to the bottom of Eighty-Four Industries’ plot for the Kodana Shofter.

Once again, I must apologize for the delay on this.  Losing a laptop and several months worth of work is no small set back.  I’ve been frantically trying to rewrite and recreate this and the final episode which I am hoping against hope to have ready on schedule for next Friday (the 4th).

After New Phase is complete, I have (or will have) a new serial lines up and ready to go.  I am looking to switch to twice-a-month updating, which will hopefully help the serials flow a little more smoothly.  Also, the next serial will be considerably longer, currently slated at three ten-episode segments.  So look for that in August.

Sorry again for the delay, everyone!  Thanks for your patience!

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