Blog 2014

Moving Day

I’ve lived in seven of the fifty states: Florida (twice), Texas, Tennessee (twice), South Carolina, Kentucky, Utah, and North Carolina (four times).  But this summer, I am moving yet again.  Actually, I’m moving twice.

I’ll be moving this June…somewhere.  We’re not entirely sure yet, though Asheville (North Carolina) is the current front runner.  Richmond Virginia is another possibility (so I could finally be RVA in RVA).  Places as far as Miami are being considered.  But that’s peanuts compared to the BIG move.

Around August, I will be moving to Scotland.

The current plan is I will be moving back and forth between the two locales annually.  The exact travel times will very, but let’s just say I’ll be in the USA 51% of the time.  The current window will put me returning to the USA in late December every year, in order to be back for the biggest party ever.  Since most of my conventions are between January and June, that’s the window I’ll be here.  The rest of the time, I’ll be in the highlands of Scotland.

So…yeah.  I don’t think this will impact my publishing and release schedules at all.  In fact, it’s been kind of frightening how little this is affecting.  I’ll still be carrying on most of my table-top role-playing games with the help of Skype (or similar programs).  Almost all of my work is done online, or over the phone.  So the impact should be minimal.  Just the location will be changing.

What an age we live in.  🙂


PS: Episode 02 of New Phase goes live this Friday!

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