Blog 2014

Teach The Sky ReLaunch!

In November of 2002, I first launched (this website).  In the intervening eleven plus years, it’s endured a year-long hiatus, seen the launch of ten serials, including the serialization of the Crossworld Saga.  It’s been a blog, a literary hub, and a host of other things.

But mostly, it’s been a journey for me as I try to wind my way through the labyrinth that is publishing.

Writing, you see, is easy.  Get a word processor – or hell, just a notepad – and write a story.  Boom!  You’re a writer.  Want to be a successful writer?  Sell that story to a friend for more than you paid for the notepad.  Seriously, that’s all it takes.  From that point, it’s just a matter of scale; of how many units you sell, how much profit, etc etc etc.

Publishing is a different beast.  Publishing is an industry, and one with all the flaws and loopholes of any large industry.  You have publishing houses, big and small, as well as agents and clubs and unions.  It’s all a big mess.  And as an independent author, it’s hard to sort through it all.  So I’ve tried to be open and transparent with what all I was doing.

But I also tried to maintain some artistic autonomy.  And thus, my serials.  At, I have endeavored to produce literature and art that was entertaining.  I grew so very tired (so very quickly) of the publishing game that even as I pursued it, I wanted to further my art.  And thus, this website became not just a professional portfolio but also a means with which I was able to continue being a writer while I kept dealing with the trials and tribulations of being an author.  For the two are, thankfully, not one and the same.


In 2014, will see the return of the serials.  The first episode of my newest serial will go live March 7th.  Currently, I will be updating every four weeks, but I expect that time span to quickly shrink.  I will also be publishing several novels in the coming year.  Everybody knows about Rhest for the Wicked (my first novel with Haven Publishing) and I continue to chip away at that, with resolution coming in the next few weeks.  But in the meantime, other novels are in the works.  They will be announced in the next few months, with releases before the end of the year.

It’s an exciting time.  I’m happy to share with you the art that I love so much to create.  I hope you enjoy it.  And now, please enjoy the new and improved (hopefully)

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