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Anime Mid-Atlantic 2013

We’re just four very short days from Anime Mid-Atlantic 2013.  AMA is one of my favorite cons and it’s one I’ve had the honor of being a guest at for years.  This year, I will be hosting several panels (detailed below) as well as finally unveiling my newest book available this summer by Haven Publishing.  But first, the panels!

Cosplay Fitness – co-hosting with the legendary Big Danny T, we will be talking about various diet and exercise protocols to best maximize one’s cosplay presentation.

Top Five Mecha Artists – a quick countdown of the best artist and illustrators in the giant robot genre.

How to Get BACK Into Anime – For the classic fan who isn’t sure where to begin with the modern anime landscape, this panel will help you re-acclimate.

Comic Animes – A quick rundown of the anime reimaginings of comic book properties.

Evolution of Anime Art – This retrospective will look at how the illustration and animation styles in mainstream anime have changed over the past 50 years.

American Animation – co-presenting with Charles Dunbar, we will be looking at anime’s US brother and how the twin markets have grown together and evolved together.

Anime Mid-Atlantic is one of the highlights of my year and if you come, I think it will be for you as well.  See you there!

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