Project Update

Last night, I received the first draft of the cover art for my upcoming book, Rhest for the Wicked.  It’s still in the early stages (thus, no teasers, sorry), but it looks very promising and I think it will pair well with the book itself.

I’m quite anxious to return to print publishing.  As many of my long-time fans can probably attest, I’ve been unable to find a comfortable niche since the Fall of 2009.  Having signed with my new publisher, things are starting to ‘get back on course’ as it were.

And in theory, they’ll get back on course quickly.  After Rhest for the Wicked, several more books should follow in short order.  A cyberpunk lovestory is slated for release in September, while the re-publication of Ghee (my oh-so-infamous gay ninja book) should see release this December or January, and lastly Teach The Sky will be in print for the first time around this time next year.  All these dates are tentative, of course.  Publishing, especially in this day and age – and especially with a small press – is a unique and unpredictable beast.  But with each subsequent book that is released, the process should become hopefully smoother.  And from that experience, hopefully more ambitious projects shall follow.

A lot of people have wondered about Crossworld Saga and if it will see redistribution and the short answer is ‘yes’.  The long answer, unfortunately, is ‘yes…in a while’. Crossworld has been released twice.  And the entire Saga was rewritten as a serial.  But both versions were aborted short of their finale because of industry and professional evolution.  My current publisher is quite interested in seeing the Crossworld Saga back in print, and I am too, but it’s a story I first wrote in 2001 and have largely worked on almost continuously since then.  It’s been developing over more than a decade and, quite simply, I’m not eager to go back to the starting point yet again.  This will be the third time I’ve restarted the Saga, and the fourth time I’ve rewritten Crossworld and it’s just a task that I don’t take lightly.  But it will see print again.  I just want to get a few books down first before I start tilting at that particular windmill.

The publication of the serials remains a big unknown.  Writing the Teach The Sky Continuity online constituted a massive undertaking and transferring that to the printed realm is no small task.  I doubt the entire franchise will see print, but what doesn’t see print will be re-released on here as the story unfolds.

It’s a very exciting time right now, professionally and artistically.  I owe a lot of these opportunities to my publisher and their team whom have given me a chance to return to the print world.  There are a lot of exciting projects in the works, with still more waiting in the wings.  I hope you’re going to enjoy them!

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Author. Speaker. Cancer Researcher. Martial Artist. Illustrator. Cat dad. Nerd.

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